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Power weeder G - 400

Rs. 45000.00

Petrol / Gasoline

4-Stroke Petrol Engine

Small Tyre

Recoil (Manual) Start

4.8 KW (6.5 HP)/3600 RPM OR 3.6 KW (4.85 HP) / 3000 RPM 

Belt and Chain Transmission

2 Fwd and 1 Rev Gear

12 Inches fixed Tilling Width

Fuel Consumption: 0.5-0.75 ltr/hour 

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e-AgroCare G 400 - 4 Stroke Petrol Power Weeder has an adjustable rotavator. The HTP for spraying can be connected to the PTO shaft. It has a water pump for pulling the water up from the connected PTO shaft. The ridger, plough, paddy wheel, digger, etc. can be easily connected with the weeder. The rotavator and tyres come free along with the machine. It can be used effortlessly on both dryland and wetland. e-AgroCare Petrol Weeder is basically used for weeding in agriculture, horticulture and plantation of crops. It comes with heavy tines that work well even in the toughest soil. Thus, it is easy to maintain your field with the help of this 4 stroke weeder.  

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