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To Foster sustainable development in the agricultural economy


Bringing youth back into an agriculture sector through competitiveness and well-defined (or dignified) commercialized profession


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Natural Farming

Natural farming embraces sustainable, chemical-free practices, focusing on soil health, biodiversity, and minimal external inputs to foster ecological balance.

Quality Products

Quality products meet high standards, ensuring reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction, often associated with durability and excellence.

Development of Agriculture Ecosystem Through Institutional Value Chain Management

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Implementation of Agriculture Resource Center, Agro Processing Center, Agriculture Market Center, and Agriculture Business Consultation Center (ARC, APC, AMC & ABC).

To make Nepal's agricultural business dignified and competitive and attract young people to agriculture, institutional Value Chain Management is necessary for the sustainable development of the agriculture sector through the formation of the agricultural cycle. For this purpose, cooperation with governmental and non-governmental partners is very necessary. Keeping this issue in mind, Muktinath Krishi Company has adopted the policy of connecting business partners through the concept of public-private community partnership (PPCP)

Adoption of Public-Private Community Partnership (PPCP)

Development of Agricultural Ecosystem through Institutional Value Chain Management!
  1. Project development, technology transfer, and marketing-Muktinath Krishi Company and its Subsidiary Companies
  2. Production and primary processing Farmer Groups and Cooperatives
  3. Business facilitation and Partnership Industries, NGOs, and other Organizations
  4. Saving, loan, and Insurance Banks & financial institutions and insurance companies
  5. Policies, Concessions, and Facilitation Programs Government Agency

One local structure, one agricultural project (local government). Contemplation of agriculture in seven provinces, identification of industrial projects (provincial government). Institutional development of the agricultural sector and unified authority give results (central government).

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